Eating and Drinking Safety Tips for Traveling

One of the biggest pleasures of international journey is enjoying of local food, but such infections as travelers diarrhea, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Hepatitis A, cholera and many other infections mainly come from consuming contaminated food and drinks.
The first preventative measure is personal hygiene when traveling in countries which are less developed. As bacteria can be carried in the mouth with hands and cutlery, avoid putting fingers near your mouth and always wash your hands before eating. The second preventative measure is to be selective in what you choose to eat and drink. Of course, we cannot avoid the risk completely, but we can at least avoid the obvious sources of trouble. To prevent previously mentioned infections, follow the eating and drinking tips below.


  • Do not eat food which is uncooked, undercooked or reheated;
  • Do not eat raw and marinated fish, because marinade is not able to kill certain types of bacteria and parasites;
  • Do not eat salads and fruits and vegetables which are unpeelable;
  • Do not eat ice creams and other dairy products, unless they are labeled brand and internationally packaged;
  • Do not eat sea products such as oysters, mussels, clams, mudcrabs and barbequed prawns;
  • Do not eat food which has been exposed to flies;
  • Do not eat food which requires a lot of time to prepare;
  • Do not drink alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks which contain ice, because there may be germs in the ice which are preserved, not dead;
  • Do not drink water, if it is not boiled, bottled, purified or disinfected, presuming all other sources or water are contaminated.


  • Eat food which is freshly cooked, for example, boiled, steamed or fried;
  • Eat fruits and vegetables which are peelable;
  • Eat food which is in cans or sealed packs of acceptable brand;
  • Eat in busy restaurants which are serving local food;
  • Eat with your own cutlery;
  • Eat food which is prepared specially for you;
  • Drink boiled water;
  • Drink bottled and sealed water;
  • Drink purified water which is purified with some of modern purifiers, because they eliminate any organisms and organic materials from water;
  • Drink chemically disinfected water by adding iodine-based drinking water tablets to water before drinking;
  • Drink cans of soft drink or local beer;
  • Drink spirits and wine, because they are usually imported and thus safe.