Tips Before Travelling Abroad

If you are planning your first journey somewhere abroad or you just have not done it for some time and you need to refresh your basic knowledge about preparing for trip, this article is for you. Here is list of tips which should be taken into account before international travelling, so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying.

At first let’s see tips which are connected with your health and security.

Before every longer trip it is useful to see your doctor and your medical insurance provider. See your doctor to know whether you have all of necessary vaccinations, especially when you are planning to go to tropical countries. Do not forget to check whether you have renewed all of essential prescriptions, especially if you are using specific medications. Talk to your insurer to know whether your medical insurance policy applies overseas emergencies. If your policy does not applies overseas emergencies, it is recommended to add extra coverage, purchasing additional insurance.

None of international trips is imaginable without identity documents – passports. Taking into account the importance of this document, it is recommended to bring copies of your passport. Nobody is protected against theft or loss of passport, therefore, if you want to be sure that you can still get back home or be able to prove your citizenship, make a copy of your passport. You should leave a copy of your passport at home or with someone your trust as well, which will serve as extra backup. Nowadays it is possible to make an electronic copy which can be stored in email account. Another option for safety and security abroad is registration with embassy – in case of some problems in the country, your government will be able to contact you and get you to safety much easier.

Now let’s look at tips which are connected with another essential thing for travelling – the money.

It is important to find out the currency of target country, as well as the currency exchange rate to know how much money have to be exchanged and taken with you. Do not forget to make sure that your credit card will function in the country you are planning to visit. It is recommended to have local cash as well, because there can be places which do not take credit cards, for example, public transport such as buses and trains. If you need to withdraw the money from a credit card, go to ATMs or a bank in the country which you are visiting, because there you will not get charged so many fees and the conversion will be exact. Sometimes it is useful to inform your bank or credit card provider, because they may think that fraud is occurring if transactions are suddenly happening in other country, and they may turn off your credit card for security reasons. Do not forget to check the country’s entrance and exit fees which can be applied for travellers – unfortunately, these fees are not included in airline ticket’s price, and may be quite high.

It is clear that you are travelling to another country in case to get to know it, but it is useful to do the local research before the trip as well.

If you clearly know which are those places which you want to visit, buy tickets for them now. Buying in advance keeps you away from lines and allows to find more deals which are targeted toward you. If you are travelling to absolutely unknown country, it is recommended to get some guidebooks which usually include maps and the most popular and useful phrases or keywords. Qualitative guide books give enough information about certain things, so the tourist does not need to purchase the pamphlet at the venue. Nowadays there are a lot of different applications which can be useful during travelling. To save the money get necessary applications before the journey, avoiding downloading them from your wireless carrier. Do not forget to research special events to attend, as well as few national dishes to try, because it would be silly to leave the country without experiencing what it is known for.

Today, when almost everything is electronic, it is necessary to think about your electronics as well.

Bring a charger adapter with you, but remember that different countries have different voltage and plugs. Check the voltage of your electronics and purchase suitable socket converters, because your electronics will be senseless without appropriate plugs. Do not forget to activate your phone’s global capabilities to set the appropriate time and other specific indicators. The greatest advantages of electronics such as smart phones are different applications which are specially made for travellers and tourists.

When we think about travelling abroad, we imagine a big luggage full of different things for all occasions, because it is one of most necessary things for comfortable and nice travelling.

If there is enough space, pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag to be sure you have some clothes to wear in case of loss of theft of your luggage. Each airline has its own guidelines regarding number of bags which can be carried on for free, so find out your airline’s rules to avoid any additional fees. Everyone, who has travelled abroad, knows that eating in a foreign country can sometimes become a complicated task. On this account it is recommended to bring small snacks which can tide you until you find appropriate cafeteria or grocery store.