Tips for Traveling With Children

  • Traveling with children takes a little extra planning, because we are responsible not only for ourselves, but for our children as well. Taking into account that planning is the hardest part of journey, we offer you some tips which can maximize the fun and minimize the headaches connected with family trip.
  • At first research any restrictions on the children, as well as reservation times, for example, reservations of meals and attractions.
  • It is important to find out whether the accommodation in your destination provides or rents items for kids, for example, strollers, high-chairs or toys. If these things are accessible in your accommodation, you avoid additional bag fees and backaches.
  • Take sturdy and dark-colored clothes which can be worn more than one time before washing. When it comes to children clothes, you have to think practically. Think about layers, namely, take some cardigan or sweater which will work after the sun goes down. It it is possible, take two swimming suits, so that your child should not wear a wet or damp suit. If your child has a special doily or toy, do not forget it, because sometimes children cannot even fall asleep without it.
  • You have to take into account that shops and grocery stores overseas may not provide your preferred brand of baby food or diapers, therefore, buy a spare for the entire trip. If you are sure that you will have an access to what you need, buy necessary things for one or two days and plan to re-stock. If you are traveling by plane, bring more diapers than necessary in case of unforeseen delays. Do not forget to purchase a travel sized package of disinfectant wipes – they can be useful both for you and your children.
  • If you are traveling with a car and your children cannot get comfortable in a car seat, do not schedule your trip over naptime or bedtime, otherwise your children may become moody. If you are driving longer than 7 hours, break up the trip with a meal. It should be mentioned that a lot of canteens have special playgrounds for kids which can burn off their energy. Do not forget about different snacks, even if meal stops are planned. Ideally, each child has their own plastic cup of snacks which can be refilled as needed.
  • Think about pastime – it can be some game, book or even portable computer such as tablet or laptop. Remember to bring headphones to not to disturb others. Also drawing and coloring activities are great, but do not take big-sized packs of markers or crayons – a small pack of crayons is enough. You can also make old toys “new” by hiding them for at least month before the trip, thereby saving money for your vacation.
  • Each day plan a downtime for children to rest, because kids may not adjust immediately to changes of time zone and environment. Remember to capture all the wonderful memories with your camera, because after years you will remember the time together, not the headaches.